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Shoop da Woop

Yeah…so this isn’t very impressive, but why not. These are some things I made while playing around on Photoshop: First, the logo for a club at uni (MAMEC). Then we … Continue reading

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@Night Photography

Photos taken in Melbourne, VIC and Wagga Wagga, NSW (Click for larger photos): (c) Alexander Linossier and James Sutherland 2012 Photos may not be reproduced, copied or published in any … Continue reading

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Laser Tripwire Circuit

Circuit Diagram and Equations<—-Actually a link, even though it’s brown. So this is something that I made to be used as part of a larger circuit/system, which I never got … Continue reading

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Have a look around, the Gameboo project is in the menu on the left if that’s what you’re looking for. If not, you’re going to be fairly bored until I … Continue reading

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